PLanUNC Website Updates

What is PLanUNC?

PLanUNC, or PLUNC as it is known familiarly, is an adaptable and extensible software system for radiation treatment planning:

Where did the PLanUNC site go?

  1. Most PLanUNC content has been moved to a wiki to enable better community editing of the content. The public download files have been moved to a Dropbox. See:
  2. You can get a copy of the source code -- and unlock a tremendous amount of wiki content -- by completing a license form, found on the first page of the wiki. Note that license request must contain a letter of intent, written by a representative of your institution, that states the intended use of PLUNC.
  3. The wiki does not support automatically generated pages well so the doxygen content is now only available as a ZIP file.
So head on over to the wiki, mail in a license & letter of intent, and enjoy.

-GST, last updated 15-Apr-2014